Collaborative custom Wordpress development

You design beautiful websites. We make them work.

Here at Kindred we believe that an awesome partnership is a beautiful thing. That’s why we’ve designed our studio around working collaboratively with talented designers to give your clients the best possible development experience.

Our skill-set is wide, our attention to detail is second to none, and our process is methodical, simple, and drama-free.

We build custom WordPress sites that match your design pixel-to-pixel. The sites we build are reliable, functional, and super easy for your client to keep updated. Our process is simple, drama-free, and most importantly, collaborative. We understand that when you design a website you put your creative heart into the details, so we make sure that everything little thing is as it should be.

Let's talk process

  • 01. We get to know each other

    If you’re a designer looking to collaborate, great! Whether you’ve got a specific project in mind, or are looking for the future, just fill out the contact form with some deets, and we’d love to get to know you! From there we can hop on a call to see if we’re a good fit.

  • 02. Book your spot

    When you’ve got a specific project you’d like us to work on, just get in touch with the client’s details and timeline. We’ll put together a quote  for them, and work out a detailed timescale for the build between us all. Once the deposit is paid, we’ll book your client into our schedule and off we go!

  • 03. Send us your design

    Before the build begins, we’ll ask for your website mockups, plus any graphics, images, icons etc. Don’t worry, we’ll send out a checklist to make this super easy.

  • 04. We build something beautiful

    Development begins! We build your project initially on our server. We’ll keep in touch, letting you know the progress of your build. You’ll be able to check in on the demo site at regular intervals.

  • 05. Perfecting + testing

    At this stage you’ll be able to explore a full testable version of your site, before we show the client just to make sure everything is pixel-perfect. Once you’re happy, we’ll send it to the client and have a chat about any revisions that might be required. Once it’s finalised, approved by your client, and the client’s final payment received, we’ll get it moved over to the client’s server to launch.

  • 06. Party time!

    Woohoo! Fizz at the ready! Time for you to celebrate another successful launch and perfect collaboration!


Sounds pretty great, huh?

If this all sounds like what you need like, yesterday, just pop your deets into the form below + let's collaborate!

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